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A Focus on Affordable Housing can Help the U.S Economy Flourish

Updated: Mar 31

Jack Greene

In recent years, the United States has faced significant economic issues. Many of them however were over seen by the looming global pandemic. However, one issue is still very predominant today. That crisis is one of affordable housing. The issue spans across the country, in some places far worse than others. Its prominent that in this day of constant global crisis, the United States consider the issue of affordable housing as one of economic importance rather than just a social issue.

After just a quick google or Zillow search for home prices throughout the country, you will be met with numerous single family homes with cost of upwards of 100 million dollars. Residential real estate developers today are obsessed with the idea of creating the next best piece of residential real estate, at the highest price possible. In cities like New York apartment prices are skyrocketing, while thousands are sleeping on the streets right below. The abundance of luxury but scarcity of affordable housing creates an extreme nightmare for American families which the country so greatly depends on.

The massive amounts of capital poured into these luxury developments could be used to address pressing societal needs, such as affordable housing, and infrastructure improvements. When cites prioritize extravagant residential projects over essential services, they not only neglect the needs of their citizens but also exacerbate existing problems. The lack of affordable housing has a direct impact on the United States economy.

Without affordable housing, family’s opportunities and potential income are significantly constrained. Research shows that over the past 30 years, the growth in GDP could be 13.5% higher if families had be_er access to affordable housing. This would lead to an almost $2 trillion increase in income that could have been used in various ways to prevent future issues here in the U.S. All the money that could be invested into affordable housing can greatly boost local economies by generating income through residential income, and additional local tax revenue. These earning would help local economies thrive, and especially would have made a huge impact during the pandemic when money and resources were so scarce.

While the issue can come from a variety of extraneous problems, the government is equipped to and can offer options to help. Local, state, and federal governments must invest more in affordable housing initiatives that could be done through subsidies or tax initiatives. Additionally, they can initiatives the private sector and real estate developers to focus on affordable housing options through partnerships or additional tax incentives to those who focus on affordable housing.

I would urge the government to review these issues that flock the nation today. It’s important not only for mankind, but also for the economic success and well-being of the United States.


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